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Wasini Island

Located off the shores of Mombasa, on the Kenya-Tanzania border, it is a marine life lover’s heaven, and a perfect example of the harmony between man and nature.

The Kisite Marine Park and Mupunguti Nature Reserve near Wasini are the jewels in any visit to the island. The park covers 39 sq km on the southern part of the Kenyan coastline and is managed and protected by the Kenya Wildlife Service. It is a complex of several small islands, coral reefs and channels with more than seven fantastic snorkeling and diving locations in, near or around it.

Wsini Island is well worth a visit on its own. The area offers unique opportunities for spotting dolphins, turtles, hard and soft corals and tropical fish. Three kinds of dolphins inhabit the area, and while a visitor will have an 80% of spotting one at anytime, the real lucky ones will get to see the rare Humpback  whale and whale Shark.

The Island itself hosts a rare variety of plants and birds. Ancient Baobab trees can be found in and outside the villages, and swamps of Mangrove trees surround major parts of the Island. 1,000 year old coral “statues” create a magical coral garden, devotedly managed by a group of local women
There is no electricity, no running water and no cars on the Island. Wasini locals are Muslim practicing Swahilis, who make their living on fishing and tourism. They are warm and welcoming people, who are happy to host tourists.